LOOP Final Conference

University of Lisbon

20th February 2024

Join us in exploring the highlights from the recent Final Conference of the LOOP project, which convened on February 20th. Held at the prestigious Salão Nobre of the Rectory of the Universidade de Lisboa, the conference centered around the theme Empowering Education – Effective Induction Policies to Enhance the Teaching Profession in Europe.

Closed by the Secretary of State for Education of Portugal, the conference served as a dynamic platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge and insights aimed at advancing effective induction and mentoring practices for educators across Europe.

While the conference was primarily held in person, an online component allowed for broader participation, ensuring that stakeholders beyond the consortium could engage with the discussions. 160 attendees had the opportunity to delve into research findings, and the realities of various countries’ induction policies, as well as been updated about LOOP Programs (Teachers’ Induction Program and Mentoring Program).

Keynote speaker Dr. Eran Tamir, a renowned academic from Tel Aviv University specializing in Educational Policy, including Induction and Mentoring, provided invaluable insights into the theme and the overarching goals of the LOOP Project.

In addition to partners from Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain, representatives from the Ministries of Education of respective countries were also in attendance, underlining the collaborative effort to drive positive change in education.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to drive forward in empowering education and enhancing the teaching profession across Europe.